Bosworth Population Sign

Granddad with Jimmy and David in Washington DC

Barbara Blakely, born in Bosworth, Missouri Married Frank Sinatra
Barbara once brought Frank to Bosworth to show him where she was born.

We went to Bosworth in our RV on our way back home from Iowa

The boys were helping their granddad work

Bosworth Feed and Supply

Bosworth Methodist Church

Bosworth Railroad Tracks

Bosworth Railroad Overpass

Bosworth Stores
I was there in the pool hall playing pool with my cousin Lloyd Winfrey.
His wife Donna wanted to play a game with us.
The owner said No, women were not allowed to play.

Bosworth Watertower

Bosworth Another Picture of The Watertower

Jim and Violas Old Lot at SantaFe and Jefferson
Looking toward the back of the lot.

Another store in Bosworth


Another Store in Bosworth