CAVEAT EMPTOR (Disclaimer)

Please do not accept what you find on my site as absolutly accurate data. I intend for it to be a place from which to start, and you should do your own research to prove or disprove what you find. I am not and do not claim to be a professional genealogist or historian. I do this for a hobby and to find my children's ancestors for them.

Please be aware that except in the case of my own or Lena's near and direct ancestral lines, and our close cousins, the connections may or may not be proven or documented by us. Use the data as you wish, but be responsible for your own documentation. Most other data has been garnered from world wide web sites. In our family tree on the web, (see link from our genealogy page), I have tried to include sources when possible. Unfortunately, I was late in realizing the importance of this and much is missing.

We would gladly accept and appreciate any good proofs of our ancestors that you might wish to pass on to us.