Also Known as Ritchie Cemetery and Tallitha Combs Cemetery
All Photos by Manton Ray Cornett unless otherwise indicated.

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NOTE: I only put the years here although there may be more precise dates on the stone.

Alexander Crocket "Elic" Ritchie 1887 - 1958 Son of Maggard and Mary Ann Young Ritchie
Andrew Combs 1859 - 1932 Son of Elder Samuel "Cedarhead" and Sarah Allen Combs
Chloe Combs 1864 - 1934 No Info on Chloe.
Elender Smith 1869 - 1967 Wife of Jerry Combs
Jerry Combs 1869 - 1958 Husband of Elender Smith
Elder Andrew Singleton Ritchie 1831 - 1910 Andrew Singleton married Elizabeth Hall; no further information.
Eli Ritchie 1870 - 1956 Husband of Sarah Sally Combs
Sarah Sally Combs 1877 - 1976 Wife of Eli Ritchie
Elizabeth Hall Singleton 1839 - 1917 Elizabeth Hall married Andrew Singleton; no further information.
Felix Combs Next to a similar headstone for Tallitha Combs; no further information.
Tallitha Combs Next to a similar stone for Felix Combs; no further information.
Isabelle Ritchie Combs 1897 - 1927 Wife of Fieldon Combs
James Holland 1895 - 1971 Husband of Amelda Nix
Amelda Nix 1901 - ???? Wife of James Holland
Joseph R. Ritchie - 1867 - 1935 Husb of Margaret Ritchie
Joseph Hall 1848 - 1929 Husb of Polly Ritchie
Leslie Young 1889 - 1966 Husb. of Meldora Allen
Lester Holland 1924 - 1976 Husb. of Geneva Hughes
Robert L. Ritchie 1883 - 1956 Husb. of Mary Ann Patrick
Matilda Young Combs Wife of Samuel "Fisty" Combs
Posetha Singleton Dau. of Henry Singleton and Eliz. Ritchie
Balis Gearhart 1875 - 1940 Husband of Rachel Combs. S/o Richard A. and Armelda Engle
Silas Combs 1883 - 1973 Husb. of Rachel Ritchie. S/o John & Sally Singleton Combs.
Rev. Jerry Combs 1869 - 1958 Husband of Elander Smith OSSW
Samuel B. "Sambo" Combs Buried near Chloe Combs
Samuel "Fisty" Combs 1855 - 1926 Husband of Matilda Young
Samuel Hall 1890 - 1910? No further information.
Samuel M. "Cedarhead" Combs 1828 - 1908 Husband of Sarah Allen, d/o Sam Allen & Susan Sizemore
Sarah Allen Combs Wife of Cedarhead Combs - d/o Sam Allen & Susan Sizemore
Isaiah Creech & Talitha Combs Possibly the parents of Rachel Creech(1888-1975) who married Samuel Noble(1885-1969).