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NOTE: I only put the years here although there may be more precise dates on the stone.

Zachariah Fugate Jr. 1845 - 1921 Son of Ball Creek Zach Fugate and Mary Polly Smith.
Alex Ritchie 1886 - 1909 Son of James Madison Ritchie & Hannah Fugate
Daniel Fugate 1842 - 1864 Son of Ball Creek Zach and Mary Smith
Zachariah Fugate Sr 1816 - 1864 Husband of Mary Polly Smith
Big Man Zach Fugate 1904 - 1974 Son of Manuel Fugate and Polly Ritchie
E. B. Fugate & America 1888 - 1972
James Madison (Big Jim) Ritchie 1857 - 1894 Husband of Hannah Fugate
Hannah Fugate Ritchie 1856 - 1938 Wife of Big Jim Ritchie, dau. of Ball Creek Zach Fugate
Lorenzo Dow Fugate 1854 - 1922 Son of Ball Creek Zach, Husband of Eleanor Fugate
Eleanor Fugate 1860 - 1944 Wife of Lorenzo Dow Fugate